Item Set Up

Ability to import spreadsheets of items and UPCs from vendors directly
into Counterpoint.

Counterpoint currently has a database already created with the most common beer, liquor, and wine items, including their UPCs.

Spend less time importing information and more time focusing on your clients.





Inventory Control

  • With up-to-the-minute inventory counts, you will always know what is in stock,

    on-order and in transit.

  • Plan for the peak seasons with inventory control and reporting.

  • Reduce or eliminate shrinkage and stock discrepancies.

  • Track profit margins.



Customer Service

Point of Sale Checkout

  • Fast, easy to use system includes: touchscreen 2-second credit card authorizations.

  • Ability to accept deposits.

  • Set up age restrictions and ID scanning.

Customer Loyalty

  • Track retail and wholesale customers with the ability to charge different prices and taxes for each.

  • Create A/R charge accounts.

  • Establish frequent buyer programs, gift cards, and more.





  • Track trends with a six-week sales analysis.

  • Print activity reports for specific periods.

  • Daily exception reports aid in discovering price overrides, voids, etc.

  • Sales History reports allow the ability to view complete details of every sale.

  • Analyze item sales history to identify top selling and bottom selling items.





  • Print labels on-demand or with receivings.

  • Ability to define multiple price levels, contract prices, employee and customer discounts, markdowns, and promotional pricing.

  • Counterpoint allows you to purchase a case, receive and sell by case, individual unit, 6-pack, 12-pack, etc.






Automated purchasing calculates current stock levels and automatically creates purchase orders.

Ability to interface accounting package with Counterpoint.







Mainspring Extensions

  • Distributor Order Automation.

  • Monthly Wine Club.

  • Quantity Sold Limitation Enforcement.

  • Driver’s License Scan.

Mainspring would appreciate the opportunity to assist your company.

We currently have Counterpoint installs in single site retailers, as well as, multiple site retailers.