Customer Integration

  • Existing customer with a valid email and marked as e-commerce will publish to CPShop
  • New customer originating in CPShop will automatically be created in Counterpoint upon order transfer using the billing and shipping information from the order.
  • New customer originating in CPShop receives an e-mail that their account has been created with login credentials provided.

Item Integration

  • Items marked as e-commerce in Counterpoint will transfer to CPShop.
  • Gridded items marked as e-commerce in Counterpoint will transfer to CPShop with up to 3 grid dimensions, both Inventory and Non-Inventory items.
  • Ecommerce categories / subcategories functionality fully supported. Item can be assigned to multiple categories for enhanced customer search in CPShop.

Order Processing / Invoice / Shipping Integration

  • Orders are automatically and immediately transferred to Counterpoint along with customer, payment and tracking information. Manual transfers are also possible.
  • Customer receives shipping/invoicing/tracking number notifications.
  • Multiple Counterpoint ship-via codes can be configured to link to a specific WooCommerce carrier.


  • Several templates with user modifiable options (colors, theme, etc.) are available for the creation of the web store. Once the customer is connected to the API, the template website is automatically populated with their Counterpoint data.
  • The admin panel utilizes WordPress functionality to allow further personalization of the website.
  • CPShop customers will be able to manage their own password and address updates on the merchant’s website. Address changes will transfer to Counterpoint and update the customer record.

Near Future Road Map

  • In-Store pickup functionality