The Counterpoint API (Application Programming Interface) is a fully supported rest API that allows integration of any number of third-party applications.

Why Do I Need the Counterpoint API

We built the Counterpoint API with easy integration in mind. Many common features are already supported and ready to go. Just a few include:

  • Support for multiple companies and stores
  • Standard Counterpoint functionality, including endpoints for:
    • Items / Prices
    • Inventory / Locations
    • Purchase Orders / Purchase Requests
    • Tickets / Orders
    • Counterpoint Users
    • Gift Cards
    • Physical Count
    • Webhooks Support
    • Sales History – Filtered by Data Range

Need More Convincing?

We have a dedicated development staff that continues to add functionality, both globally and customer-specific. Our Counterpoint API supports https via self-signed or Certificate Authority certificates and a REST API with standard JSON support for ease of integration with third party systems.

Our reasonable licensing costs provide clients with the ability to customize and maximize their Counterpoint system without breaking the bank!

Ready For More Information?

Contact our sales team today to learn more about the Counterpoint API and how it can be an attribute to your business.