When you walk into many retail stores, you may have noticed the checkout process has changed. More and more retailers are moving to a self-checkout system, utilizing stand-alone kiosks for customers. Retail experts expect the self-checkout system to stay and the kiosk market will increase dramatically in the next couple of years.

NCR is proud to introduce CPKiosk, a new kiosk system made for Counterpoint retail businesses.

CPKiosk is a stand-alone, full-functioning point-of-sale system built on the Mperium framework that integrates with your Counterpoint system. The kiosk can handle most customer-facing procedures such as scanning items with barcodes and accepting multiple payment methods including gift cards and reward programs.

With multiple configurations, CPKiosk can be installed to fit any retailer’s needs.

CPKiosk can increase your existing self-checkout estate, and its size offers you the flexibility to install it just about anywhere—from a floor-standing pedestal to a countertop, or even a wall mount. The compact design is ideal for high-volume stores with small baskets and high payment card usage. Its integrated design offers a projected capacitive zero-bezel display, an EMV-compliant chip and PIN reader with contactless card capability, a 2D imaging scanner, and an integrated receipt printer and coupon bin. Customers can quickly ‘grab and go’ to make shopping even more convenient, especially during peak hours.

Benefits of installing a kiosk system include shorter wait times for customers, lower labor costs, and increased sales and efficiency.

Ready to learn more about CPKiosk and how it can benefit your company? Contact your account manager today to learn more!