Specialty Retail

With over 30 years of experience partnering with specialty retailers, we understand what you need to stay on track, in front of your customers, and ahead of the competition. Our constantly evolving solutions will help you run your business, whether you manage one store or a chain of hundreds.

Counterpoint Inventory

Inventory Control

  • Manage inventory investment and out-of-stock conditions.
  • Reduce or eliminate shrinkage, stock outs, stock discrepancies, and track inventory movement.
  • Automate stock replenishment and direct store deliveries.
  • Track profit margins.

Counterpoint Labels


  • Customizable labeling.
  • Print shelf and product labels of any size.
  • Print item labels and barcodes on demand or automatically during the purchasing and receiving process.
  • Print mailing labels for special promotions.

Counterpoint Specialty POS Software

Specialty POS Software

  • Two-second credit card authorizations keep your lines flowing.
  • Streamlined point of sale means faster tickets with fewer errors on-the-fly data entry lets you add records from anywhere in Counterpoint.
  • Special order capabilities allow you to sell items you don’t carry in stock.
  • Complete layaway processing system.

Counterpoint Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

  • Customer loyalty programs.
  • Flexible pricing and promotion options.
  • Track birthdays, favorite items, etc.
  • Create gift cards, store credits, custom store loyalty program.
  • Create gift registries with gift receipt functionality.

Counterpoint Reporting


  • Vast variety of reporting options to fit any need.
  • Retain, view and report complete detail on every sale made.
  • View six-week sales analysis trends.
  • Ability to print activity reports for specific periods.
  • Daily reporting provides information on voids, price overrides, etc.
  • Item sales history reporting.



  • Automated purchasing provides the ability to calculate current stock levels and automatically create purchase orders.
  • Print item labels and barcodes on demand or set up as part of the purchasing and receiving procedure.

Counterpoint e-commerce


  • Ability to upload inventory, customers, and prices to your online store.
  • Download customer orders into your point of sale system for fulfillment.

Counterpoint Sales Commissions

Sales Commissions

  • Set up commissions to calculate for each item on the sales ticket based on either sale amount or gross profit.
  • Track commissions by ticket or line item.
  • Ability to split commissions among various salespeople on one ticket.
  • Daily reports provide commission due information.



  • Fast, easy to use and learn. Point of sale units include touchscreen, fast credit card authorizations, and commission tracking.
  • Warranty includes next business day replacement unit.