Nutrition & Supplements

Nutrition and Supplement stores are thriving!

We can help you stay ahead of the pack and be a fully-engaged partner with your customers with integrated Customer Relationship Management, enhanced loyalty and rewards systems, integration with 3rd party systems like multi-function scales, and integrated e-commerce.

Counterpoint Inventory

Inventory Control

  • Reduce or eliminate shrinkage, stock outs, stock discrepancies, and track inventory movement.
  • Automate stock replenishment and direct store deliveries.
  • Track profit margins.

Counterpoint Labels


  • Print shelf and product labels of any size.
  • Print item labels and bar codes on demand or automatically during the purchasing and receiving process.
  • Print mailing labels for special promotions.

Mainspring-Counterpoint-Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

  • Print labels for special promotions
  • Track birthdays, favorite items, etc.
  • Create gift cards, store credits, custom store loyalty program.
  • Create gift registry with gift receipt functionality.

Counterpoint Reporting


  • Retain, view and report complete detail on every sale made.
  • View six-week sales analysis trends.
  • Ability to print activity reports for specific periods.
  • Daily reporting provides information on voids, price overrides, etc.
  • Item sales history reporting.



  • Automated purchasing provides the ability to calculate current stock levels and automatically create purchase orders.
  • Print item labels and barcodes on demand or set up as part of the purchasing and receiving procedure.

Counterpoint e-commerce


  • Ability to upload inventory, customers, and prices to your online store.
  • Download customer orders into your point of sale system for fulfillment.

Counterpoint Sales Commissions

Sales Commissions

  • Set up commissions to calculate for each item on the sales ticket based on either sale amount or gross profit.
  • Track commissions by ticket or line item.
  • Ability to split commissions among various salespeople on one ticket.
  • Daily reports provide commission due information.



  • Fast, easy to use and learn. Point of sale units include touchscreen, fast credit card authorizations, and commission tracking.
  • Warranty includes next business day replacement unit.


Mainspring Extensions

  • Closed Loop Purchasing/Order Processing/Receiving for Franchises and Central Warehousing.