Lawn & Garden

By partnering with lawn and garden retailers for over 20 years, we have developed a unique understanding of the challenges faced by business owners in the industry. That experience, coupled with NCR Counterpoint POS software, enables us to provide a solution that is custom to your needs.

Counterpoint Inventory

Inventory Control

  • With Counterpoint’s inventory control abilities, our clients have maximized their profitability.
  • Counterpoint aides in reducing, or even eliminating shrinkage.
  • This software will also aid in the ability to manage inventory movement, track serial numbers, item costs, and profit margins.

Counterpoint Labels


  • The Counterpoint labeling system provides our clients with the ability to produce barcode-printed tree tags, pot stakes and labels that can withstand the outdoor conditions.
  • The labels will ease the processes required for purchasing, receiving and inventory.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

  • Increase customer loyalty by utilizing Counterpoint’s custom loyalty program. We will create a program based on your company and your customers.
  • Create specialized discounts, frequent shopper programs, store credits, gift cards, and more.

Counterpoint Reporting


  • Counterpoint has an extensive reporting system. We can customize reports that provide daily, yearly and seasonal details.
  • Reports can be generated for individual items, customers, etc.
  • Set up daily reports to run automatically at the end of each business day.

Counterpoint Pricing


  • Gain the ability to define multiple price levels, quantity discounts, and contract pricing.
  • Set Counterpoint to update if an item needs to be relabeled due to growth, age, single vs flat, etc.



  • NCR Counterpoint’s hardware is built to withstand the elements of the lawn and garden industry.
  • With NCR hardware, if anything should malfunction, a replacement will be sent next business day.