NCR Counterpoint

Point of Sale

Our configurable touchscreen allows you to tailor our POS to fit your business, minimize errors and maximize profits.

With our configurable features, NCR Counterpoint can easily handle sales, returns, orders, and layaway’s maximize profits. Our all-encompassing software ensures that when the curtain goes up, the show runs smoothly. NCR counterpoint includes robust inventory management, touchscreen point-of-sale, built-in customer loyalty, automated purchasing, and configurable reporting capabilities.

Complete transactions quickly

Keep your lines flowing with our 2 second credit card and deck authorizations. Our intuitive touchscreen point of sale units allows for quick checkouts and simple training for your staff.

Order management

Take orders and put items on layaway right at the point-of-sale. The order Management functionality simplifies processing a high volume of orders, including mail-order, telephone-order, and eCommerce orders.

Validated returns

Validate each returned item against the original sale receipt to ensure you sold the item and you refund exactly what the customer paid.

Loyalty programs

Create customer loyalty by allowing frequent customers to earn points for each dollar spent or each item purchased. They can then spend their earned points at the point-of-sale, just like any other payment type.

Holds and quotes

Convert any sale, order, or layaway into a quote or put on hold for late completion. Holds and quotes can be recalled by number, date, customer name item, or any other related value.

Key features

  • Configure the POS touchscreen to fit your needs
  • Combine orders and layaways with sales and returns on a single ticket
  • Calculate sales commissions
  • Define the types of payment you accept
  • Create and manage gift registries and wishes lists
  • Sell and accept gift card and stored value cards
  • Allow authorized user to apply discounts
  • Create multiple loyalty programs, each with different rules for how customers earn and redeem point
  • Process drop-ship orders for item you don’t typically stock or ship
  • Complete translocation securely with EMV capabilities