Yes, PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry)

Don’t let the title scare you. PCI Compliance is the standard in secure payment card acceptance. Many merchants accept card payments, but few know of the security or the how-tos in order to become a PCI Compliant merchant. Luckily, NCR’s products, certified equipment and partnerships with WorldPay & TrustWave ensure your business can meet these requirements.

NCR Counterpoint and NCR Secure Pay handle the communication and encryption of card data while your card reader digitally transmits and authorizes.

What else comes into play? Your network!

With the need for wireless access, security systems and required Internet devices, all these devices play a role if integrated into the same network as your Point of Sale. NCR’s partnership with WorldPay and TrustWave supplies a thorough questionnaire and network scan application to provide results on current PCI Compliance status.

Here’s a quote from our account manager at NCR Merchant Solutions:

“At NCR Merchant Solutions, we care about the viability of your business, and in doing so have provided the best PCI Compliancy program in the industry. Maintaining and following compliance regulations will secure that if ever in the future your business experiences a data security event you will have the peace of mind of knowing there will be help.”
-Jason Dunn – NCR Merchant Solutions

Let us help you ensure proper PCI Compliance along with your other POS or Ecommerce integration!

Cameron Bickle