I originally worked for a tool store that used a competitor’s software for their point of sale and inventory management application. About one year into my tenure with the business, our software began having several issues.  These mostly revolved around not releasing our credit card funds, general behavior issues, and lack of support for necessary features.

As the head of Information Technology, I was tasked with finding a new business solution. I found the NCR website and began researching Counterpoint before sending a request for a demo. A brief time later, I was contacted by the sales staff at Mainspring. Shortly after being contacted, Mainspring scheduled and completed a demo. Ultimately, we decided to proceed with Counterpoint with Mainspring and began implementation and training. I remember the training to be very thorough and informative. I left the tool company about six months after implementing Counterpoint to begin working with Mainspring full-time. Since that time, nearly two and a half years ago, the tool store has not had any issues with credit card purchases and no major problems with their new business solution.  They love the flexibility and power that Counterpoint offers.

Having worked in the retail environment, being a part of both sides of the implementation staff, and seeing how Counterpoint works daily in its intended setting has helped me with perspective in my career with Mainspring. I have seen the productivity increase yielded by having the tools necessary to run a successful business and it has allowed me to better understand what our clients are looking to get out of Counterpoint.

I believe Mainspring has a well-rounded staff that can assist, in every aspect of a business, to keep that business growing.  I’m proud to be part of a great team!