Approved WooCommerce Extensions

Our development team has tested a variety of WooCommerce extensions for your use on CPshop sites! These extensions make for great tools to enhance your site, furthering the user experience! Curious about another extension? Visit our contact page and message us! Select the title to see a list of extensions available.

 Add functionality for your customers like gift wrap or waiting lists.  Enhance your web experience with logo carousels or product sliders.  Boost sales with “frequently bought together” items, product FAQ, and best sellers lists.

Beef up your website with Google Analytics, order tracking, zoom magnifiers, and advanced search.

Choose from multiple payment gateways, including, Stripe, Amazon Pay, & PayPal.

Integrate additional shipping platforms.

Optimize your site and drive search engine traffic to your online store.

Secure your website and add more utilities and functionality for your site.