Nutrition & Supplements

Nutrition and Supplement companies face the daily challenge of recording and maintaining a diverse range of inventory items. Counterpoint offers a detailed category management feature that will alleviate this inventory issue.

Sporting Goods

In addition to the familiar challenges that most retail stores face, sporting goods retailers often straddle the line between neighborhood provider and big-box retailer. To provide the best service, they must be able to handle the challenge of specialty orders while maintaining the operational sophistication of some of their bigger, chain competitors. We can help you find the sweet spot!

Pet Stores

The needs of pet stores are as wide-ranging as the products they sell. We have partnered with pet stores to provide everything from standard point of sale to e-commerce integration, custom reporting, digital loyalty programs, and more!

Wine & Liquor

We understand how the needs of the wine and liquor industry differ from those standard specialty retail stores. We have spent years working with liquor wholesalers, distributors, and retailors to maximize efficiency through process review and automation.

Lawn & Garden

By partnering with lawn and garden retailers for over 20 years, we have developed a unique understanding of the challenges faced by business owners in the industry. That experience, coupled with NCR Counterpoint POS software, enables us to provide a solution that is custom to your needs.

Specialty Retail

Counterpoint is a complete retail management solution that will fit one store or hundreds of stores. Counterpoint will run your business efficiently and profitably.


The footwear industry faces the daily challenge of managing their entire inventory by color, size, and width.

Counterpoint is designed to easily manage this data with the three-dimensional grid for inventory,
ordering, and reporting.

Museum & Attractions

Museum & Attractions require versatile technology that can be customized to fit a wide aspect of needs. From tracking inventory, printing admission tickets, selling food and merchandise, an ability to integrate with online websites, etc. Counterpoint is capable of providing a solution for these requirements.


Retailers in the apparel industry are faced with a unique challenge that is managing color and size combinations of their products. Along with the many solutions Counterpoint provides, it’s robust gridded item management is a key feature our apparel retailers enjoy.