Retail businesses need omnichannel loyalty and integrated eCommerce systems to compete in the modern marketplace.  bLoyal brings these capabilities to your existing Counterpoint systems to help you put your valuable shoppers first, providing you with the tools to understand what they want most, so that you can create experiences and loyalty incentives that will keep them coming back again and again.

Integrated loyalty programs are the perfect way to reward frequent shopping and gain valuable business insights. bLoyal’s system takes loyalty beyond discounts to data-driven solutions that let you create targeted marketing segments based on real member behaviors and easily reconnect with prior customers.

Counterpoint users get complete access to bLoyal’s CRM, which includes 360-degree member profiles and purchase history. Customizable loyalty dashboards allow at-a-glance monitoring of programs for quick insights. In-depth reporting options give you the detailed information you need to make smart decisions and shape your loyalty incentives based on what matters most to your shoppers.

Finally, bLoyal’s Counterpoint integrated eCommerce systems enables retailers to create a seamless purchasing experience connected to your point of sale.  Allow your customers to view their entire purchase history and existing loyalty balances, anytime, anywhere.

With bLoyal you can:

· Offer enrollment incentives right out of the box to quickly grow your loyal customer base. Loyalty member engagement starts immediately – personalized welcome messages greet new members and introduce them to program benefits

· New loyalty member enrollment can be done directly within Counterpoint transactions, or members can enroll online from your website, via web apps, or text-to-join

· Rewards, discounts, promotions, and coupons are automatically applied as members accrue points based on past purchases and redeem them in any of your stores, or through your eCommerce website

· bLoyal is both PCI Compliant and Ship Compliant – your transactions and shipments are secure and validated

· With our advanced, integrated marketing tools, you can plan future loyalty incentives or promotions, and segment loyalty member offers based on real customer behaviors and preferences

· Your brand stays front and center – coupons, customer account pages, account admin pages, and emails are all custom branded to your business

– Send out promotions, newsletters, and customer surveys through email, create digital coupons to post on social media, and track what’s working best through bLoyal dashboards and reporting

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