Are your customers complaining of the long check-out waits due to credit card processing times? What if we told you there is a new solution that can cure these headaches, solve the long wait times, and have your customers leaving happy? Interested?

NCR Counterpoint now supports Quick Chip for EMV. Quick Chip is an “early insert” mode for EMV payment terminals. This feature allows customers to insert or swipe a payment card at any time during a sale transaction, even before the ticket is complete.

As soon as the cashier adds a line in Ticket Entry or Touchscreen Ticket Entry, the EMV payment terminal prompts the customer to insert or swipe a payment card. The customer can present his or her card (and enter the corresponding PIN, if required) while the cashier continues to ring up additional items.

Speediness at the register is of utmost importance to clients. Now, with Quick Chip, the EMV credit card processing time is reduced to approximately two seconds.

Does Quick Chip sound like the solution to your credit card processing time issues? Wondering how to get Quick Chip?

Simply contact Mainspring and we will review your Counterpoint system to verify your system is on a compatible version of Counterpoint (version or higher). Once verified, our technicians will activate the Quick Chip feature. Simple as that!

Contact us today and let us help you and your customers be a little less stressed during this holiday season.