Valued Customer,


Effective October 16, 2018, NCR Secure Pay will be moving production services to AWS. With this transition of production services, NCR Secure Pay’s public DNS will change. However, the current hostnames will remain the same:


Below, you will find the public IP addresses, provided by AWS. If your firewall is whitelisting specific IP addresses, the new addresses should be used.  For more information, visit AWS’s public IP list. Please be aware, NCR will only be using the US-EAST-1 region.


How will this affect me?  Most companies will not be directly affected by this change.  However, if your firewall is whitelisting specific IP addresses (instead of hostnames), or if you’re using internal DNS or hosts files to provide name translation, you will need to update your network to accommodate the new IP address ranges.  Please work with your internal IT department or 3rd party IT provider if you’re unsure whether you’ll be affected.


As always, we’re happy to assist if needed.  Please call our technical support group at (800) 865-1427 or open a ticket by emailing


Thank you,
Mainspring Technical Support Team